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We offer strong experience in the upper management of market-leading companies that operate in product and business development. aurigna consulting GmbH specializes in supporting mid-sized enterprises in their global expansion and product diversification efforts. We help them to develop and realize new ideas, in order to adapt to the ever-changing economic environment.

It is our goal to support companies in expanding and increasing their efficiency. We create synergy and enhance the innovative force.

Thanks to our management competence and our knowledge of work processes and products in the automotive industry, and areas such as filtration, after-treatment of exhaust gases, measurement engineering, connection technology in telecommunication as well as consumerism, we are able to develop ideal processes and technologies.

Volker Hensel
Managing director


About Us

Volker Hensel

Managing Director

Volker obtained his degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Cologne University of Applied Science in 1989.

He started his career as a development engineer for fluid flow measurement devices and assumed various management positions within the industry before he came to the field of filtration in 2001.

Within MANN+HUMMEL, he managed the global activities of non-road and industrial filtration as head of R&D from 2001 – 2006. From 2006 – 2013 he assumed the position of Vice President and managed the business field of retrofit and diesel particulate filters.

From 2007 – 2012 he was a board member of the engine and systems association within the German VDMA.

In 2013, he started his own business, aurigna consulting GmbH, as he realized the need of mid-sized enterprises to be accompanied along their projects in regard to R&D, business development or certifications management in the complex field of filtration.

He is the current CEO of the VERT Association based in Switzerland.


Our competencies


The automotive industry and its extending fields hold major potential in terms of increasing profits. 13 years of experience working for a market-leading automotive supplier with a yearly turnover of 2.5 billion EUR have taught us how to deal with challenges and develop strategies, ideas, and analyses for your products and workflow.

        Internationalisation of R&D divisions

Create a higher scope for development by reorganizing R&D interculturally and efficiently. Reduce your costs, make more room for product innovation and increase your knowledge about the market. To us, this is not plain theory because we build on many years of professional experience in developing international R&D and offshore engineering. We want you to benefit from that vast experience.

        Technological consultations

Areas such as filtration, emission and separation control of combustion engines are growth markets with enormous potential, but also with many dangers and require a high investment in resources and industrial plants. With our experience in these areas, we will aid you with market-oriented and technological assessments. We will develop optimal strategies for future markets. In addition, you will profit from our extensive global network of longstanding industry contacts.

        Optimizing the launch of products in international markets

At the end of product development unplanned, avoidable costs often incur which can, in consequence, delay the market entry of a product. Our goal is to save you precious time and money by optimizing those last phases of product development and by improving your product launch into international markets. Improve your market reputation and make use of our competence in timely product optimization, before you have to deal with costly hardware changes for American and Asian markets.




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